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Why TheSE Events?

Our goal is to see through your eyes and make your special day truly and uniquely yours. We will create a wedding that will reflect your personal style thanks to our extensive range of services, whatever the size of your budget. We pride ourselves in being an efficient and creative team where each of us brings her/his background, skills, knowledge and experience to offer an ideal service for your wedding. We will listen carefully to your wishes and needs, and adapt them to what Simply Elegant team has to offer, which will be more that you expected!

Begin with our design process. Challenge us to marry his love of Star Wars with your love of Pinterest. Help us stretch our imagination to find a way to unite his favorite foods with your favorite colors. Give us the opportunity to take the unique way he proposed and turn it into the worlds most imaginative Save the Date! Whether you’re looking for a black-tie affair, complete tomfoolery, or the perfect combination of both - we’re the team for you!

Simply put, we LOVE weddings!

About Us

“Hi, I'm Carol from Simply Elegant! I have always had the passion in organization. From daily life activities to events such as birthday, bridal and baby showers for family and friends, I am always in planning mode. Ask my nearest and dearest and they’ll not-so-jokingly tell you that before making plans of their own they’ll check my calendar to make sure I don’t have something fun already up my sleeve.


I fell in love with event planning after the amazing 25th birthday party for myself. I had attended many weddings and have practical experiences in every single fields -- I was a wedding emcee, event coordinator, wedding planner, makeup artist and event decoration designer.


So cut the confetti and let the journey begin!"

Carol Huang

Principal + Lead Wedding Planner

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